Renting Out Your Facebook Ad Space

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Renting Out Your Facebook Ad Space


The company I work for is called the Advert Research Group. They are a social media marketing company that specializes in Facebook Advertising. The Advert Research Group is paying people to allow them to create a business advertisement page using their Facebook page and Gmail account so they can research how many people search for the topic of the ad, and how many people “like” the topic of the page.

Since this is purely for research purposes no one will be able to see the ad on your Facebook page. The ad is only accessible through direct searches for the ad or similar searches.


Your full payment is made after a successful completion of Step 3 of the application process.


What You Will Need:

1.  A Facebook Account 1 year or older.

2.  A Gmail Account 1 year or older.

3. 100 Friends on Facebook  (You must have a minimum of 100 friends on Facebook).

4. Genuine Facebook Account (The Facebook account must be YOURS).

5. United States Based Account (You must be based in the U.S.)

6. Untouched Ad Account (You have never used your Facebook Ad Account/Business Account).

7. PayPal Account (You must be based in the U.S.)

8. * Your Computer must be compatible with TeamViewer .(Now accepting Chromebooks/Chrome (Google Laptops Please download Chromeviewer Here ) *


9.  Internet connection (Wi-Fi) that’s not a Hot-Spot and be over 18 (You’ll have to prove it)


**Now accepting Canadian Residents But the Laptop offer does not apply BUT you will still get the $50.00 USD weekly and $25.00 USD per referral



**You have to use the SAME Computer AND Internet connection (Wi-Fi) for all three steps. You can not switch computers or Internet connection (Wi-Fi)during the steps. This WILL cause your AD to get flagged.**

This also means that only one person per household can participate in this, unless they are able to use a different computer on a different Wi-fi.

  The Process  

Get your cash after these three simple steps:


  1. Submit The Form

    Below is a link to fill out the form. Please fill the form out with all the required information. Your information will not be shared or used for any reason besides “renting” your business account for advertising purposes.

  2. Confirm Eligibility

    Our team will review your application to verify that you meet the basic requirements.

  3. Receive Payment

    Your payment is made after a successful completion of Step 3 of the process. (You will be paid via Paypal)



The software that is needed:


For Chrome Books/ Laptops Only : Chromeviewer Here

Team Viewer Website Click Here



Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is this a scam?


Skepticism is natural but rest assured, this is not a scam. The Advert Research Group  just wants to pay you for brief access to your Facebook account/Gmail Adsense  in order to set up paid advertisements. In doing this, they assume all risks by securing all payments through their own corporate accounts.


Proof Pictures!




2. How do I know my information won’t be shared & no posts will be made on my account?

The Advert Research Group will never  ask you for your Facebook password therefore they can’t login to your account. they are using your Facebook ad account which has a separate login than your actual Facebook account, which again means the Advert Research Group can’t and won’t need to log into your Facebook account /Gmail account.


3. Why don’t they just open up accounts themselves from scratch?

Facebook requires the accounts to be at least 1 year old and have legitimate activity on them. They don’t have the time to create new accounts and do a years worth of activity on them, they rather rent from you.


4. How long will the ads run for?

The ads will run for a max of 2 months – After the 2 months are up you are free to do what you want with the laptop! Even sell it if you want!


To reassure you that your account is 100% safe know that:

  • You DO NOT have to give out your Facebook password.
  • They WILL NOT access your personal messages.
  • Your Facebook account won’t get banned.
  • None of your Facebook friends will know that you’re running ads.

Like mentioned earlier, this won’t in any way affect your personal Facebook account.

The Advert Research Group  will be  using the part of your account and the Goggle Adsense section of your Gmail account.


5. How much money  can I make?

Both account it’s  $50.00 USD  ($25.00 for Facebook and $25.00 for Gmail) weekly.
You can make  $25.00 USD per person  you refer for a total of 75.00 weekly (that’s only if you only refer one person!) ( The $25.00 USD is a one time payment) Best of all it’s FREE!

PLUS!  You will have to use your personal laptop/PC  for only a week. After that the company will send you a cute little laptop like mine!!!


6. How do we get paid?

Paypal weekly!


Still want to know what you will be doing?

  • You will be logging into your Facebook account and Gmail account.
  •  Open Team Viewer and allow the Ad Manager to place the ads needed.
  • They pay Facebook directly as well as Google Adsense for running the ads.
  • Once they place the ad they will run the ad for a week (trial), if the ad is successful.
  •  You will get a laptop from The Advert Research Group.
  • Repeat the steps on this laptop and you will never have to worry about using your personal laptop/PC going forward.
  • After you receive your laptop you will get paid.


Once you do the aforementioned steps, please click here to fill out the contact form.


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