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Hello Everyone and Welcome to TheSocialMouse.net. I am Cassandra Dean. I am a Independent Recruiter and I created this site in order to create a booming  community of fellow Work At Home  Job Seekers , Doers and MOMtrepreneurs!

I wanted a place where those of us on this journey to Working at Home , Momtrepreneurs and Job Seekers to have a source of support! Ask those pesky questions that have been in the back of your mind. Here at the Forum

I invite you to not only enjoy the wealth of information that’s  available on my Blog  but also use the  support from the Forum.   I challenge you to get  Networking and Brain Storming with other creative and like minded women.

I wanted to not only document my personal journey to working for myself but also help other in that process.  Please send your Resume to (Recruiter@TheSocialMouse.net)  and let me find the job that is perfect for you !