10 Things You Can Do To Attract Positive Vibes

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I wanted to start this post with a quote from the greatest motivation book/ documentary that I had the pleasure of coming across. The Secret to me is just a tip of the iceberg , it’s an invitation of more things to come .

When you open your mind you allow yourself to receive  all the information  that the universe wants to unlock for you. But, in order for this to happen you have to acknowledge that YOU are in control of you.  You are the Goddess – The Creator – The Alpha and Omega to your destiny.

Now, I know that statement is a powerful one. YOU ARE A GODDESS ! Use your energy to do your will!  You can never truly be the Goddess of your life if you are weighted down with negative thoughts. Those thoughts are chains that are pulling you away from your TRUE SELF, Let that sink in.

Don’t let OTHERS rob you of YOU! You are a prized possession , and people can see you fully in your light no matter how dim you think it is. Those are the ones that tell you “YOU CAN’T”.  “YOU’RE GOING TO FAIL” And if your a MOMTREPRENEUR   you also hear “GET A REAL JOB”.

Stand strong and don’t let someone else put their SHORTCOMINGS on you. read that again! YES! Their SHORTCOMINGS are not yours!

How can I maintain my status as a Goddess in my life, How can I unchain myself Cass? Great question!


By doing these 10 SIMPLE STEPS you will be THAT much closer to a happier , truer  YOU.


  1. Meditate  – Silence is Golden so is a clear head! Start every morning with a healthy dose of  Peace.


2.  Listen to Music – When thoughts get you down shake it off with some positive charged songs!


3. Have an Attitude of Gratitude  –  Constantly reminding yourself of what you don’t have will only result in you not getting what you need. So, be thankful! Every negative thought has a positive spin. for instance  the quote” The Glass is Half Empty” – cliche response ” Or The Glass is Half full!” which is a great example but how about saying neither? How about seeing the Glass as refillable! because things aren’t just Black or White there is a sweet in between spot called Gray!


4. Stop Worrying About Tomorrow- If you have pressing matters on your mind that do not need attention until tomorrow or next week then worry about it then. Do not waste one day worrying about problems of tomorrow because we have to live for today. Festering  thoughts like that can do harm to your body and your vibes.  My Favorite quote ” Cass of next week can worry about that!”


5. Accountability –  Take pride in your mistakes . Yes Take Great Pride in admitting you messed up. Take responsibility for your actions! it is within us all to want to blame someone else for our actions or reactions but that’s giving that person control over you remember “You are the Goddess in Your Life” act like one! Mount your crown and take ownership and acknowledge that mistakes are a learning experience and move on.


6. Breathe –  it’s another way to say “Stop and smell the roses” Sometimes you have to allow yourself that time to just sit back , let your environment sink into you, breathe deeply allowing yourself to take 2 full deep breathes. Deep breathing is another way to clear your mind and alleviate stress.


7. Smile –  It may sound silly – I know you do not want to walk around smiling like an emoji. But smiles receive smiles!  When you start to smile for no reason it signals to your brain hey we are happy! your brain will follow suit and then you will start to find reasons to smile and soon after you aren’t forcing yourself to smile but honestly smiling because you are happy and feeling good!


8. Help – Nothing makes you feel more useful than helping someone . Giving Joy to someone else is just as good if not better than creating joy for ourselves because once we see the good our help has done it makes us spiritually happy and that’s a feeling no one can take from you.


9. Create an Inner Circle –  Surround yourself with like minded individuals. Create a network of positivity  pals – a group of people who are not only goal orientated but are also positive. When you find these special group of people you will know it, Doors will begin to unlock. When you surround yourself with positive people who are going places that tidal wave of energy sweeps you and engulfs you. The universe almost smiles at you while you and your pals are on this journey.


10. last but surely not least! LAUGH- Life doesn’t seem so bad when your laughing . Your problems are lighter the day seems to go by fast. Heck you forgot why you even had a bad day. laughter is the language of the soul and I love to talk ! So I laugh often! Get on Facebook and laugh at the funny vines , Go on YouTube and find a funny video get your spirits up! Nothing turns problems that start off as a mountain into a molehill like laughter.


Go spread joy!

30 thoughts on “10 Things You Can Do To Attract Positive Vibes

  1. I am definitely much more apt to smile back at a person smiling. No one wants to look at a grump! Love all your ways to attract positivity!

  2. I never understood why people were so negative about other people when good things were happening in the other person’s lives. I agree that if you put out negativity you’re going to get back negativity so I try to make the best of any situation and be as positive as I can .

  3. I read this book a few years back with Oprah Winfrey and I am so glad you wrote a post that reminds me of all the good things that were in it. It is good to go back and remember!

  4. When I am feeling particular bad, I like to make a list of all the things I am grateful for it definitely helps me be happy!

  5. I absolutely love it! I tend to get bogged down by the negative and I need to start thinking positive thoughts.

  6. Very well said! I think it’s all about perspective. We definitely have to make changes in our lives that will help us be more positive especially even if we’re facing some challenges.

  7. It’s nice to live a positive life, it’s what’s going to help you when you’re going through some really tough challenges. I think these are awesome suggestions on how to be more positive.

  8. I am all about attracting Positive Vibes. These are some great ideas to attract positive vibes. I especially like to Meditate and listen to music to reduce stress. I force myself not to worry about tomorrow and focus more on today.

  9. I absolutely love your post! It uplifts me when others choose to see the positive side of things and when they realize the power they possess inside of them and use it to fuel their life. I’ve never read this book, but I can attest to the many benefits of having a positive outlook and a thankful heart. Whatever we choose to think about directly affects our life so I rather choose to think about things that are good, happy, empowering, motivating, inspiring, and beneficial. Glad that you are doing the same.

  10. I needed this post as a simple reminder of how important thesr ten tips are when it comes to my happiness. I know I will forget about doing some of these things and they go to the backburner when I started to get very busy. I definitely need to STOP, take a breather and then get my happiness in order.

  11. People always talk about the powers of meditation. I even bought a book about it but have still never done it. I really want to try it. I always agree that music attracts positive vibes and makes you feel tons better.

  12. Number four for sure! What’s the point in worrying about tomorrow? This was a great read for me, I need more ways positive vibes!

  13. Great post, I have a sign that says ‘smile’ hanging right above my computer monitor. It instantly raises vibration!

  14. LOVE your post! This was definitely a pick me up for me today. Exactly what I needed to get me back on track and focused a positive and good energy. Thank you.

  15. I can’t pick my favourite point out of all of these because they’re all so great and all equally important, like grattitude, not just for the big things that happen to us but the smaller things too, I find when you start saying “thank you” for the smaller things that maybe you might have taken for granted before, you find more to be thankful for 🙂

    Ellie | http://www.scotchandstilettos.com

  16. I love this!!! I live, eat, sleep LOA!!! Eventually it just becomes a way of life. Just stay positive and think positive and your brain will eventually know nothing else

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