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I believe a positive attitude is essential to working from home or even for your self!

On this journey of finding myself, and finding my worth I discovered that finding out who you are is not as easy as looking into a mirror! It’s digging deep past your insecurities and finding the very essence of what makes you.. YOU!


I was very fortunate enough to run into these two  YouTube videos that I find is not only dead on but a spirit lifter.  ( they will be listed at the end of the article)

The many obstacles you face from working at home one of the major ones  is the loneliness . It’s a different kind of loneliness, that everyday people interaction that you would get from an outside the home job you do not get at home. You not only have to remain on task and keep your self motivated but keeping your self Goal oriented.

It’s easy when we walk in to work they say “Leave it at the door” (meaning your problems your worries anything that would cause you to have a not so sunny disposition ) But. How can you leave it at the door when you never left home? How can you free up all that occupies your mind in order to be focus – goal oriented-  and self motivated?

I thought I’d share something that helps me out time to time..

Remaining Positive


Also remember :


Here are the awesome Videos I promised!

If you are a firm believer in the Law Of Attraction  then I have another great video for you!

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